ELFDEN, Germany’s innovation contributes to the strength and potential of our country was founded with the aim of mobilizing all institutions. Having been aware of Germany’s rapid information technology for rational investments and savings achieved in this area and the location of each investment institution that provides guidance and counseling services to advance.

While providing this service, it ensures that the right technology is in the right place. In order to make the most of the technologies he has positioned in the institutions, he passes on his knowledge and experience to the teams of the institutions with which he collaborates with his specialized staff.


In the process of globalization, where managerial and operational values prevail, ELFDEN’s business processes are:
To manage them reliably, simply and efficiently and to meet their IT requirements.
Provides services in the sector with its experienced and responsible consultants who believe in continuous development.


ELFDEN has focused on the health sector and has developed some serious projects in this area, also, it acts with the conviction that every innovation project realized in the field of health will be directly at the service of people.
ELFDEN, believe in the power of innovation and the future of the organization by contributing to these forces serve to the idea of zoning.