Determination of the hospital network, the system room infrastructure and other devices and design according to hospital processes.

  • Design of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and Wi-Fi (wireless networks) and determination of appropriate devices (including creation of technical specifications).
  • This includes designing the security infrastructure of the hospital automation system and other systems, as well as determining the device / product. (Technical specifications are included.)
  • This includes determining the capabilities of all servers to be used in the hospital and determining the appropriate equipment. Design of the architectural structure and technical infrastructure of the systems room (including the creation of the technical specification.)
  • Identification of health information system material to be used throughout the hospital (computer, printer, thin client, monitor, barcode reader, etc.)
  • Standard and Call Center Installation
  • Detection of the location (very important !!!)
  • Call Center Location (Scalable and Technological Infrastructure)
  • Comparison, selection and acquisition of plant systems
  • Selection of commercially available CMM software and HISS Central Entg software.
  • Setting up a switchboard and call center infrastructure
  • Establishment of a central reporting and call center infrastructure
  • Prepare trainings for central trainers and call centers

Planning other IT projects:

  • Other IT projects conform to the budget created by the institution. Org. at.
  • Establishment of a nurse call system
  • Installation of a security camera system
  • Establishment of an audio broadcasting system for the hospital
  • Establishment of an online patient monitoring system
  • Establishment of wireless internet patient
  • Establishment of a listening system for patients
  • Selection of candidates to manage and operate hospital information systems
  • Selection of an assistance specialist for the maintenance and repair of the hospital’s physical infrastructure, as well as training and information on the hospital
  • Selection of a Support Specialist for Maintenance and Repair of the Hospital Information Management System (HIS) and Hospital Information Training
  • Selection of a manager for the development of projects that will coordinate these teams and contribute to the development of the hospital

Analysis of the situation before the acquisition of HIS:

  • Determination of the current procedures of the institution
  • Determine the institution’s basic expectations in the information system and determine priorities in implementation.
  • Determination of the system architecture required by the institution and presentation to the authorities of the institution
  • Identify the appropriate functional modules for future plans of the organization.
  • HIS Selection Analysis
  • Determination of companies based on analyzes conducted during Phase I of the establishment
  • Preparation of comparison criteria for a precise comparison of identified companies
  • Rate software companies based on criteria and present them to the authorities
  • Things to do after your selection
  • Preparation and submission of HIS technical specifications
  • Determine the working model between the organization and the software company and specify both sides.

Benefits of the consultation :

The established infrastructure makes access to patient information quick and easy. With this professional infrastructure, the quality of the health care services provided and the length of stay of the patient will be guaranteed to a minimum.

From patient appointment, patient acceptance, physician review, fee collection and patient process exit in the fastest and fastest way to host a robust network and well designed. In addition, the network of the institution (Internet, public and private institutions) provides a reliable and fast collection because of the ease of collection and purchase.

It allows the use of Wi-Fi technology (wireless network) with minimal cost and maximum efficiency to ensure a safe and healthy walk of hospital patients, patients waiting in the polyclinic, employees and patients. other applications to be mobile.

The increase in day-to-day and future industrial espionage, or those who want to undermine the most confidential information of the patient, is the most accurate and reliable way to keep.

Long-term work planning is done with the right products. It guarantees the formation of appropriate investments based on the efficient use of the products. Appropriate, functional, quality and sustainable products are selected.

Summary of the benefits of cooperation

  • Have an infrastructure / system that will not leave the road
  • Have an effective computer system
  • Have an expanding IT infrastructure / system.
  • Have a manageable computer system
  • Have an economical infrastructure / IT system
  • Have IT staff
  • Have a professional health IT system
  • Be supervised by a team of professionals.