1. Business Consulting

Determination of the hospital network, the system room infrastructure and other devices and design according to hospital processes.

  • Design of local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and Wi-Fi (wireless networks) and determination of appropriate devices (including creation of technical specifications).
  • This includes designing the security infrastructure of the hospital automation system and other systems, as well as determining the device / product. (Technical specifications are included.) READ MORE…

2. Digital Signage

Our efforts towards institutional solutions in the Elfden world

1. Corporate TV Systems

What are the benefits of the Corporate TV Systems?

  • You can promote your products and send your messages.
  • You can update your messages according to locations, time, and days. READ MORE…

3. Health Tourism

Variety of the health services: The hospitals in Germany render services in every field of health with high success rates based on international key performance indicators.

Professionals physician staff: Most of physicians are specialised, have their academic career from reputable universities around the world. They serve in order to make develop medical science domestically or abroad. READ MORE…