Our efforts towards institutional solutions in the Elfden World

1. Corporate TV Systems

What are the benefits of the Corporate TV Systems?

  • You can promote your products and send your messages.
  • You can update your messages according to locations, time, and days.
  • You can determine the broadcast content on each screen based on your target group.
  • You can all control them from a single-center.
  • You can reduce your printing and operational costs.
  • You can simultaneously announce your success.

Corporate TV Systems (Digital Signage) is a broadcasting system able to operate as target-oriented and using the most advanced Internet technologies having ability to prepare broadcast streaming unique to incorporations. READ MORE…

2. Digital Menu Board Systems

What are the benefits of the Digital Menu Board Systems?

  • They reduce the prınting and operational costs.
  • They eliminate wasted-time.
  • You can update your menu and price changes easily and remotely in minutes.
  • It is no longer ımpossible to make special announcements about menus during a day.
  • You can create customer loyalty via impressive displays.
  • Through software integration, you can allow interactive communication between your customers and brand.

Digital menu board systems rather frequently used particularly at fast food restaurants give chance to do changes instantly and location specific in menu prices and visuals quickly and actively as well as playing movies related to the company or products besides menu. READ MORE…

3. Videowall Systems

Our corporate promotions reach to your guests and personnel by means of the most recent technology. Video Wall, the product provided by Elfden to those homes and businesses at peace with technology introduces living room of your home, executive office, meeting room and lounge section of your business office with professional audio and video systems. READ MORE…

4. Interactive Applications

Digital Information Post

Shopping centers, department stores, universities, airports, holiday villages, bus terminals, shopping avenues, museums, fairgrounds, congress centers and hospitals… in such large spaces, “Wayfinder”, an important information post you may consult in order to easily find your direction at a single touch, may also be used as an advertisement media when not used by touch-operation. READ MORE…

5. Meeting Room and Automation Systems

By means of these screens designed for your meeting and conference rooms, entrances of your plaza and office, it is possible to create an infrastructure both visual and technological.

Special promotions of your corporation, presentations you will make during your meetings and conferences, security of your workplace, announcements to your customers and personnel… READ MORE…

6. Led Display Solution

We present indoor and outdoor led screen, led wall, led racket and banner led display systems solutions. Led Screem Systems effective to reach large audiences, especially communication activities. Nowadays many companys and brands using led screen solutions for publishing, art activities, publicity and announcements. READ MORE…

7. Rent

Elfden, who is the pioneer in the sector in Europe with more than 27.000 screen management, has started the Rental Term in Corporate TV. READ MORE…